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About Us

Urban Dog Barkery is a family owned and operated business focusing on healthy products for your pets, especially treats. We are former owners of a healthy pet food store. After selling the store, we decided we still wanted to be a part of making pets healthy as well as supporting animal rescue.

Lady at age eleven

This all started with our first rescue dog, Lady.

Lady was rescued off the side of a major freeway and was pretty beat up. Even though she was found like this, she turned out to be the absolute best dog ever.

Lady went on to become a therapy dog for ten years. She lived to be almost fifteen years old thanks to her diet of healthy food and treats.


Taste testers: Millie and Buffy

All of our products are taste tested by our current dogs, Buffy and Millie (our former fosters) as well as any new foster faces that come through our door.

All our treats are made with healthy ingredients, including fruits and vegetables and contain no wheat flour or additives.



Our Board of Directors