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Lady’s Story

by Teresa Bues (Urban Dog Barkery founder)

Lady came into our world very unexpectedly the evening before my birthday in 1999. She had shown up at a friend’s house, scared, hungry and in desperate need of medical attention. She was solid black, with a solid dark tongue, and loving brown eyes. The moment I saw those eyes, I knew we had already formed a forever bond. I would never allow this precious soul to be homeless or hurt again.

Once she was healthy, we went on a road trip to North Carolina. When we visited a local nursing home to see a relative, there were many smiles from everyone, including the staff. Lady had a gentle nature and calmness about her that begged to be shared.

Lady officially became a Caring Critters therapy dog in September 2002. She went on to help launch the pilot programs at Texas Children’s Hospital and MD Anderson Cancer Center. Lady was also a regular “therapist” at TIRR Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston during her ten-year working career. She would get so excited when she knew it was time to go to work.

Her most endearing trait was when I would tell her “momma hugs” and she would throw her head back on my shoulder and look up at me. Telling her to “speak” for her treats would make her so excited that her bark would stop the room. That’s when she had to learn her “indoor” voice. Lady’s bushy tail always helped to open a conversation when she came into a room.

She retired from her work as a therapy dog in early 2012 due to the onset of age and spent a lot of her time enjoying the sunshine on her face in the yard.

Lady lost her battle with life in April of 2013, one month short of her fifteenth birthday. She will forever have had a profound effect on many lives.