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Millie and Buffy

Urban Dog Barkery Major Investors, Press Liaisons, Bowl Lickers and Taste Testers Millie and Buffy


Every variety of our delicious, nutritious treats must meet with Millie and Buffy’s approval before it goes on our menu. Each of these dogs came to us as a rescue in need of a foster home. Here are their stories. The names have been changed not to protect the innocent, but simply because we didn’t know them.


In January 2010, Buffy and her three-month-old puppy were dumped at a Houston city shelter by a family that decided it no longer wanted them. The shelter figured Buffy to be about three at the time.

Happily, Lucky Dog Rescue of Houston got the entire family out of the shelter and saved their lives. We have always fostered dogs, helping local rescues, and we offered to foster Buffy. We soon realized she was going to need a lot of help with issues of overreacting,  an over -sensitive startle reaction, socialization, etc. etc., before she could ever be placed successfully in a forever home. Who knows what a family that clearly didn’t care, put her through before abandoning her. She needed a lot of help, and love.

We set about working on her issues with a local trainer, Michael Baugh. As time went on, with patience, love, consistency and support, Buffy made great progress. Of course, we were hooked by then, and adopted her into our family.

Buffy just turned seven years old. She now acts as “mom” to many of the foster dogs that come through our doors, passing along the love and confidence she was given here with us.


When Millie was found in the woods outside of Houston in 2011, she had outdone The Octomom. Fleeing encroaching wildfires with her ten puppies and a male companion named Jack, it didn’t look good. In the emergency, a plea went out to rescue groups for help. It was Labor Day weekend, and people just weren’t available. The situation was dire. We offered transport for any rescue who could take this group in. As it turned out, we ended up taking in all of them. We fostered the entire family, and slowly found wonderful forever homes for all the puppies as well as Jack. Of course, we spayed Millie.

It was harder to find a place for Millie, even though she had successfully gone through training. Well, we knew how incredible she was, so we chose to make her a family member too. She is quite the opposite of Buffy, which is probably why they get along so well. While Buffy is busy running the foster program for all of our temporary guests, Millie, who will turn six this year, just wants to play ball. She has no interest in teaching the new fosters the rules. The one thing they do perfectly as a team though, is show up early for work when it’s time to taste test the Urban Dog Barkery treats. Then, they seem to agree on everything.